Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions: “NN Translations” is herein referred to as “The Company.” “Works” encompasses all services provided by the Company, including localization, translation, linguistic validation, cognitive debriefing, transcreation and other services. “Client” refers to any individual, firm, or company receiving services from or entering into a contract with the Company.
  1. Application: These Terms & Conditions establish the exclusive framework for any agreement between the Company and the Client, unless explicitly altered in writing by a Company Director. They are incorporated into all proposals, acceptances, and contracts. Any client-proposed terms that conflict with these is expressly excluded.
  1. Acceptance: Quotations from the Company are conditional and subject to confirmation upon receipt of the Client’s order, with a contract only being finalized upon such confirmation. Each accepted order forms a separate contract. Written quotations remain valid for 30 days from their issuance unless specified otherwise in writing. The Company is not bound by any oral quotations or acceptances thereof.
  1. Prices and Payment: Prices provided by NN Translations are exclusive of VAT and any delivery charges beyond standard postage. Prices are subject to confirmation following the receipt of an order. Additional charges may apply for expenses incurred by the Company at the Client’s request or as deemed necessary by the Company, which are not included in the initial quotation. 4.2 Payment for services rendered must be made within 14 days from the date of the invoice, unless a different payment term is specifically agreed upon in writing by a Director of NN Translations. For services delivered in stages or extending beyond 60 days, NN Translations reserves the right to issue invoices upon completion of each stage of the work.
  1. Sub-Contractors: NN Translations may engage sub-contractors to perform some or all of the services. While sub-contractors may be used, NN Translations retains full responsibility for their work in relation to this agreement. All references to the Company within this contract also include any such sub-contractors.
  1. Completion of Work: The dates or timeframes provided for the completion of work are best estimates, and NN Translations is not liable for any delay impacts. The Client should specify any critical deadlines when ordering, but delays do not entitle the Client to withhold payment for services rendered. If the work needs to be completed sooner than typically required or is delivered via email, or fax, NN Translations will strive for defect-free work; however, allowances should be made by the Client under these circumstances. Expedited completion may incur overtime or additional costs, for which an extra charge will be applied. NN Translations is not responsible for delays caused by the Client. In such cases, previously agreed deadlines or schedules become void, and new completion dates will need to be negotiated.
  1. Cancellation and Suspension: If the Client cancels any commissioned work, NN Translations will charge for all work completed up to the date of cancellation, along with any other costs and expenses that accrue due to the cancellation. Should the Client suspend or postpone commissioned work for 15 days or more, charges will apply for all work completed up to the date of suspension or postponement, in addition to any other accrued costs and expenses.
  1. Reservation of Title and Insurance: Despite delivery, ownership of the Work remains with NN Translations until full payment is received, although risk passes to the Client upon delivery. The Client must store the Work separately and identify it as the property of NN Translations until full payment. The Client is responsible for insuring the Work from the date of delivery until payment is complete. In case of loss, destruction, or damage, the Client must hold the insurance proceeds on behalf of NN Translations.
  1. Liability: Any complaints regarding the Work must be communicated to NN Translations in writing within 28 days of delivery. NN Translations accepts liability for damages, death, or personal injury caused by the negligence of its employees or subcontractors, with the maximum liability for damages not exceeding the contract price. Here, “damage” refers to any loss or damage, excluding death or personal injury, directly linked to negligence by NN Translations or its agents. The Client agrees to indemnify NN Translations against all liabilities, costs, and expenses arising from the Work, except where NN Translations has accepted liability as stated in these Conditions. NN Translations is open to negotiating specific indemnity coverage upon the Client’s request.
  1. Illegal Matter: NN Translations will not handle any content that it deems illegal or libellous. It is assumed the Client has all necessary consents for content involving copyright. The Client must indemnify NN Translations against any claims, costs, and expenses related to libellous content or the infringement of copyright, patent, design, or other third-party rights produced for the Client.
  1. Client’s Property: All materials provided to NN Translations by the Client, such as documents or other property, will be handled at the Client’s risk. NN Translations is not liable for any loss or damage to these materials. NN Translations reserves the right to dispose of any Client materials left in its possession for more than 12 months after the completion of the related Work.
  1. Use of Company Personnel: Should a Client or their associate employ a Relevant person who has worked with NN Translations within the previous six months, without contracting through NN Translations, the Client must immediately pay NN Translations (a) if the Relevant person is employed, 15% of their gross annual remuneration or £2,500 (exclusive of VAT), whichever is higher, or (b) £2,500 (exclusive of VAT) in any other case. For this clause, “associate” includes any partner of the Client, any company where the Client or their partner holds at least one-third of the equity share capital, or any subsidiary thereof. “Relevant person” includes any translator, interpreter, typist, typesetter, artist, proofreader, or similar professional who has provided services to the Client through NN Translations.
  1. Force Majeure: If a Force Majeure event occurs (such as strikes, fires, natural disasters, or acts of war) that materially affects NN Translations’ ability to perform as agreed, the company will immediately notify the Client with details of the circumstances. Force Majeure will allow both NN Translations and the Client to settle payments for Work already completed and assist the Client in reallocating the Work if necessary.
  1. Jurisdiction: These terms are governed by Bulgarian law, and both NN Translations and the Client agree to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Bulgarian Courts.
  1. Localization, Translation, Typesetting, and Ancillary Services: The provisions of this clause apply to the supply of work as defined in Clause 1.1 and supplement the foregoing clauses. Copyright exists in the translation of any text, and, where NN Translations holds copyright in any work, we implicitly license, to the extent possible, the reproduction or publication of the work. If payment is not received as per Clause 4.2, this license is automatically revoked, and the Client is prohibited from using any work in which NN Translations holds copyright. NN Translations strives to provide accurate and idiomatic translations of original texts; however, translations may differ in style from the original writing. We accept no liability for any perceived lack of advertising or sales impact and are not obligated to identify or correct errors in the original material provided by the Client. If a Client specifies a particular use for a translation and later wishes to use it for a different purpose, they must confirm with NN Translations that the translation is suitable for this new use. NN Translations is not liable if a translation is used for purposes other than originally intended, and we reserve the right to charge for any required amendments. When the contract includes provisions for the Client to approve proofs or texts, NN Translations is not liable for errors uncorrected by the Client or any amendments made by the Client in the submitted proofs or texts.