Tailored Translation Solutions for CROs

NN Translations provides tailored translation services for Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), covering essential documents such as informed consent forms, trial protocols, patient diaries, study reports, and patient recruitment materials. With a focus on accuracy, cultural relevance, and compliance with international regulations, we support CROs in conducting seamless international trials.

Our expertise ensures effective engagement with diverse participant groups, facilitating global compliance and successful patient recruitment efforts.

We provide CROs with a robust support system, including skilled linguists, expert project managers, and cutting-edge translation tools, to optimize their clinical research projects.

How We Support CROs:

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure translations meet regulations


Translate for adverse events, ensuring compliance

Specialised Linguistic Expertise

Provide precise, clinically experienced translations

Confidentiality and Security

Rigorously protect trial data

Efficient Project Management

Ensure timely delivery with advanced technology

Patient Recruitment

Enhance trial reliability

Our Services:

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