Pharmacovigilance Translations: Enhancing Drug Safety Worldwide

Pharmacovigilance is a critical component of the healthcare industry, focusing on detecting, assessing, understanding, and preventing adverse effects or other drug-related problems. In this global endeavour, accurate and timely translations are paramount to ensure that safety information, adverse event reports, and risk assessments are universally understood, allowing immediate action and compliance with international regulations.

Supporting the Industry with Expert Translations

At NN Translations, we specialise in pharmacovigilance translations that bridge the gap between global drug safety data and the stakeholders who rely on this information. By ensuring precise and contextually accurate translations, we play a pivotal role in the global health ecosystem, allowing pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, and healthcare providers to exchange crucial safety information across linguistic barriers swiftly.

Our expertise supports the integrity of drug safety monitoring processes, contributing significantly to patient safety and regulatory compliance worldwide. This dedication to excellence and detail underscores our commitment to enhancing global health outcomes through the power of accurate communication.

Our Pharmacovigilance Translation Services Include:

  • Adverse Event Report Translations: Rapid and accurate translation of reports to ensure timely submission to regulatory authorities worldwide.
  • Risk Management Plans: Detailed translations that outline strategies for identifying, assessing, and minimising drug risks.
  • Patient Safety Information: Clear and precise translations of safety guidelines and information for patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Regulatory Submission Documents: Comprehensive translations that support regulatory compliance and facilitate market access in different countries.
  • Product Information Leaflets: Ensuring that all medication guides and leaflets are accurately translated to inform patients about safe usage.


Through our expert translations, we help the industry maintain the highest drug safety standards, minimising risks and protecting patient health across global markets. NN Translations is committed to contributing to the vigilance and efficacy of pharmacovigilance efforts, providing the industry with the linguistic accuracy and regulatory insight needed to navigate the complexities of global healthcare.