Clinical Trials

Specialised Expertise in Clinical Trials Translation

At NN Translations, we stand out for our excellence in clinical trial translation. We leverage the specialised skills of our linguists, who are experts in clinical terminology and regulatory compliance. Our team ensures that every critical document, including informed consent forms and regulatory submissions, is accurately translated.

Efficient Project Management for Timely Deliveries

Our skilled project management team complements our linguistic expertise by prioritising efficiency and strict deadline adherence. Designed to handle the demands of clinical trial timelines, our system guarantees the delivery of high-quality translations within essential timeframes. Trust in NN Translations for seamless support in advancing your global health initiatives through superior clinical trial translations.

Ensuring Precision Through Linguistic Validation and Cognitive Debriefing

In addition to our translation services, we offer comprehensive linguistic validation and cognitive debriefing for clinical trials. This process ensures that translated materials are linguistically accurate and culturally and contextually appropriate for target populations. By engaging with native speakers in cognitive debriefing sessions, we validate the clarity and relevance of translations, enhancing the reliability of patient-reported outcomes and ensuring the success of international clinical research efforts.

Proven Clinical Trial Expertise

NN Translations boasts extensive experience in clinical trial translations, having partnered with top pharmaceutical firms and research bodies globally. Our deep understanding of the clinical trial landscape allows us to adeptly handle complex projects, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and seamless international research progression.

Clinical Trials

Global Engagement & Diversity: Streamline recruitment with clear, culturally adapted translations to widen participant diversity and enhance study outcomes.

Safety Monitoring

Worldwide Reporting: Quickly and accurately communicate safety data across borders, supporting timely adverse event reporting.

Compliance and Standards

Regulatory Alignment: Ensure your medical documents meet global regulatory requirements with precise, compliant translations.