Global Collaboration in Oncology: Translating Research Insights

Case Study

Unifying Global Efforts in Cancer Research through Expert Translation

NN Translations undertook an ambitious project with a leading oncology research institution aiming to consolidate and share groundbreaking cancer research findings with the global medical community. The objective was to translate a vast compendium of research papers, clinical study results, and educational materials into multiple languages, ensuring that these crucial insights were accessible to healthcare professionals, researchers, and patients worldwide. This endeavor highlighted the pivotal role of translation in facilitating global collaboration in the fight against cancer.

The Translation Challenge: Accuracy in Complexity

The project presented a formidable challenge: translating highly specialised and technical oncology research into several languages—German, French, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian, and Slovak—each with its own limitations in technical vocabulary for new medical concepts. The task demanded not only linguistic precision but also a deep understanding of oncology and medical research to ensure that translations accurately reflected the original texts’ complexities and nuances.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Oncology Translation

To meet these challenges, NN Translations implemented a comprehensive, multidisciplinary strategy:

Specialised Translator Teams: Assembling teams of translators who were not only linguistic experts but also had backgrounds in oncology and medical research, ensuring a profound understanding of the subject matter.

Collaborative Review Processes: Establishing a collaborative review process involving subject matter experts, clinicians, and researchers to vet translations for accuracy and adherence to medical terminology and conventions.

Glossary Development: Creating extensive glossaries and terminology databases to maintain consistency across all translations, especially for newly coined terms and concepts in oncology research.

Patient-Centric Adaptations: Adapting patient-facing materials to be culturally sensitive and understandable to non-specialist audiences, without losing the scientific rigor of the original documents.

Ongoing Communication and Feedback: Facilitating continuous communication between the translation teams and the research institution to address any challenges or updates in real-time, ensuring the project’s dynamic needs were met promptly.

Overcoming Obstacles through Innovation and Expertise

The project encountered several hurdles, from the sheer volume of material requiring translation to the need for rapid turnaround times to keep pace with the fast-evolving field of oncology research. NN Translations leveraged technology, including computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and translation memory systems, alongside human expertise to efficiently manage workflow and maintain high-quality standards.

Outcomes: Empowering Global Collaboration in Oncology

The successful completion of this translation project marked a significant milestone in global oncology research collaboration. By making these vital research findings accessible in multiple languages, NN Translations facilitated a broader understanding and application of cancer research, contributing to advancements in treatment and patient care worldwide.

The research institution lauded NN Translations for their contribution: “NN Translations’ expertise was instrumental in breaking down language barriers in oncology research. Their dedication and precision have enabled us to share our findings with the global community, advancing the collective effort against cancer.”

Reflections and Future Directions

This case study underscores the critical importance of expert translation services in bridging the gap between global research efforts and local application in the field of oncology. NN Translations’ approach demonstrates that through careful planning, specialised expertise, and collaborative effort, it is possible to transcend linguistic and cultural barriers, fostering global collaboration in the quest to combat cancer.

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