Elevating Patient Comprehension: A Case Study on Readability Testing of Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) by NN Translations

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Mastering the Art of Readability Testing for Global Patient Information

NN Translations embarked on a pivotal project with a global pharmaceutical giant aiming to ensure that their Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) were not just informative but also easily comprehensible across diverse patient populations worldwide. The challenge was significant: to conduct thorough readability testing of PILs translated into multiple languages, ensuring that patients, regardless of their cultural or educational background, could understand and use the medication safely and effectively.

The Readability Testing Challenge: Beyond Translation to Patient Safety

The project’s scope included PILs for a range of medications slated for release in over 10 countries. This entailed not only translating complex medical information into various languages but also adapting it to suit different literacy levels and cultural understandings. The overarching goal was to enhance patient safety and adherence to medication regimes, making readability testing a crucial step in the process.

A Comprehensive Approach to Ensuring Readability

NN Translations implemented a strategic, multi-faceted approach to address these challenges:

  • Expert Translation and Localization: Assembling a team of medical translators with specific expertise in the pharmaceutical field to ensure accurate translation and localization of PILs.
  • Preliminary Readability Assessments: Conducting initial readability assessments on the translated PILs using established guidelines to identify potential areas for improvement.
  • Targeted Patient Interviews: Organizing structured interviews with patients from the target demographic groups in each country to gather feedback on the clarity and comprehensibility of the PILs.
  • Iterative Refinement Process: Utilizing feedback from patient interviews to refine the PILs iteratively, focusing on simplifying language, clarifying instructions, and ensuring cultural appropriateness.
  • Final Readability Testing: Implementing a final round of readability testing with a broader patient group to validate the effectiveness of the revisions and the overall comprehension of the PILs.

Navigating Challenges Through Innovation and Collaboration

The project was characterized by a series of challenges, from ensuring the technical accuracy of medical translations to addressing diverse patient literacy levels. NN Translations tackled these through innovative strategies, such as employing visual aids and simplifying complex medical jargon, and by fostering close collaboration with the pharmaceutical company, healthcare professionals, and patient advocacy groups. This collaborative approach was instrumental in successfully navigating the multifaceted challenges of readability testing.

Outcomes: Enhanced Patient Understanding and Safety

The readability testing project culminated in the successful adaptation of PILs that were not only scientifically accurate but also easily understood by patients across the targeted regions. This achievement marked a significant step forward in patient safety and medication adherence, highlighting the critical role of readability testing in global healthcare communication.

The pharmaceutical company expressed profound appreciation for NN Translations’ contribution: “NN Translations’ expertise in readability testing has been essential in ensuring our PILs meet the highest standards of patient comprehension and safety. Their dedication to patient-centric communication has set a new benchmark for excellence in our global medication releases.”

Reflections and Looking Forward

This case study underscores the vital importance of readability testing in the creation of Patient Information Leaflets, demonstrating how strategic planning, expert collaboration, and patient engagement can overcome the challenges of communicating complex medical information across languages and cultures. As NN Translations looks to the future, this project serves as a model for advancing patient comprehension and safety in global pharmaceutical communications.

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