Bridging Cultures and Markets: A Transcreation and Brand Marketing Case Study by NN Translations


Crafting Global Brand Messages with Local Resonance

In a groundbreaking project, NN Translations partnered with a multinational consumer goods company to tackle the intricate process of transcreation in brand marketing. The company aimed to launch a new product line across several international markets, necessitating a campaign that transcended direct translation to embody the brand’s essence in every culture. This project underscored the challenge of maintaining brand integrity while ensuring that marketing messages resonated on a local level.

The Transcreation Challenge: Beyond Translation to Emotional Connection

Transcreation goes beyond traditional translation; it involves recreating the brand’s message in a way that maintains its emotional impact and appeal across different languages and cultures. The company’s initiative covered markets with diverse linguistic landscapes and cultural nuances, making it imperative to adapt the messaging to suit local preferences and sensibilities without losing the brand’s core identity.

A Tailored Transcreation Strategy

NN Translations devised a multifaceted approach to address the complexity of this transcreation project:

Cultural Consultation: Engaging with cultural consultants to gain deep insights into the target markets’ cultural norms and values, ensuring the brand messaging would be appropriate and effective.

Creative Teams: Forming specialised transcreation teams comprising linguists, marketers, and copywriters who worked collaboratively to reinterpret the brand’s messaging, aligning it with local tastes and expectations.

Brand Consistency: Implementing stringent guidelines to maintain brand voice and identity across all translations, ensuring a consistent global brand image.

Market Testing: Conducting market-specific testing of the transcreated messages to gauge audience reactions and refine the messaging based on feedback.

Final Review and Launch: A comprehensive review process before the final launch, ensuring that every piece of content met the company’s standards for quality and brand alignment.

Overcoming Challenges with Creativity and Collaboration

The transcreation project presented unique challenges, from ensuring linguistic precision to capturing the brand’s emotional appeal in different cultures. NN Translations addressed these through creative problem-solving and close collaboration with the client and local teams, facilitating a dynamic feedback loop that allowed for continual refinements.

Outcomes: A Unified Brand with Diverse Voices

The culmination of this transcreation effort was a highly successful international product launch that communicated the brand’s message powerfully and persuasively across all target markets. The campaign was praised for its ability to connect with consumers on a deeply cultural level while maintaining a cohesive global brand identity.

The client praised NN Translations for their crucial role: “NN Translations’ expertise in transcreation transformed our marketing strategy, enabling us to connect with diverse audiences without losing our brand’s heart. Their strategic approach and creative execution have been pivotal in our global success.”

Reflections and Future Directions

This case study highlights the essential role of transcreation in international brand marketing, demonstrating the power of culturally adapted messaging to build connections with consumers worldwide. NN Translations’ innovative approach to transcreation has set new standards for excellence, offering valuable insights for brands looking to navigate the complexities of global markets while preserving their unique identity.

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