Expert language professionals dedicated to precision and impact across life sciences and beyond.


Years of Translation Experience

Expertise-Driven Impact

Established in 2010, NN Translations began its journey specialising in English-Bulgarian translations, swiftly broadening our linguistic reach to cover more than 100 languages, with a particular emphasis on the life sciences sector.

Our expertise, however, extends beyond life sciences, encompassing a variety of fields including marketing, finance, legal, technical, and eLearning. This expansion reflects our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our global clients.

Our team of skilled linguists and project managers is at the heart of our operations, ensuring precision, cultural relevance, and strategic communication across all projects. Their dedication and expertise enable us to provide comprehensive translation solutions across industries, solidifying our position as a versatile and trusted linguistic partner.

Certified Excellence

NN Translations upholds the highest standards in translation services.  Our ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certifications signify our commitment to quality management and translation excellence. Our select team of linguists, experts in their fields and languages, work alongside our adept project managers to ensure precision and cultural accuracy in every project.

This synergy, guided by our ISO frameworks, guarantees superior service and client satisfaction. Our dedicated professionals are the cornerstone of our ability to meet and exceed our clients’ global communication needs, embodying our promise of quality and reliability.

Life Sciences Translation Expertise

NN Translations is renowned for its exceptional quality in life sciences translations, a reputation forged by our dedicated team. Our experts work to thoroughly understand the specific outcomes you need, whether for clinical trials, regulatory filings, or pharmaceutical communications.

Our project managers leverage the latest language technology and established methodologies to ensure our services are streamlined and impactful. Our life science translators’ expertise, selected for their linguistic prowess and industry knowledge, delivers the superior translations you rely on.


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Our Happy Customers

    A leading pharmaceutical company

    “I partnered with NN Translations to translate extensive clinical study documents for research programs of our Group across several Eastern European countries, including Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Serbia. As a client based in China, we required precise and culturally sensitive translations for engaging participants and conducting vital research. NN Translations delivered exceptional service and quality, which proved crucial in navigating the complexities of these markets and supporting us to conduct clinical trials in these countries. I highly recommend NN Translations for their unparalleled professionalism and expertise.”